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Electoral Authority Agrees to Recount Vote Tallies in Honduras Presidential Election

Written by Silvia ViƱas On 3 December 2013 @ 14:07 pm | No Comments

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Honduran presidential candidate Xiomara Castro from left-wing LIBRE party has been calling for a recount of the votes from the country's recent presidential election [1]. According to official results [2] Castro won 29% of the votes, placing her second after conservative candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez with 37%.

RNS in Honduras Culture and Politics [3] explains that there will be a recount:

The Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE) head David Matamoros agreed to a public recount of the Actas: not the votes themselves, just a recount of the votes as recorded on the tally sheets.

This, of course, is a compromise.  Ballot boxes will not be re-opened; individual votes will not be recounted.

He concludes:

It's a step in the direction of transparency. But not the kind of recount that would put to rest, ultimately, the kinds of doubts that have been raised.

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