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GV Face: Worldwide Media Coverage of Syria

GV Face This post is about GV Face, our Weekly Hangout Series, where we discuss trending topics from citizen and social media around the world. · All Posts

How different is reporting on the Syrian crisis depending on where you are? And what does that mean for Syrians?

We discussed this and more in a Google Hangout on Monday, Sep 23, 2013, at 11am EST/3pm UTC in our second edition of GV Face.

Reports in the US or UK suggest that chemical weapons were used by President Assad's regime to kill more than a thousand people in Syria last month. Meanwhile, Russian reporters say “all is well” in Damascus. And Iranian media reports the chemical attack was by “rebels” trying to raise the pressure for an international intervention.

As the US government weighs military action in Syria, Russia's President Putin appealed to the American people in the New York Times to keep their weapons out of the war-torn country. Videos suggesting Iranian military activity on the ground in Syria have gone viral on social media.

Our Hangout participants included GV Syria author, Leila Nachawati, Founder of Syria Untold, an online storytelling project dedicated to the non-violent Syrian uprising; our RuNet Echo editor Kevin Rothrock who spoke about the Putin and Mc Cain OpEds and how they were perceived by the Russian Internet; Amira Al Hussaini, our MENA Editor, touched on citizen media and mainstream media coverage of Syria within the Middle East and North Africa; Solana Larsen, our Managing Editor spoke about the role of citizen media in mainstream portrayal of Syria, Ellery Biddle our Advocacy Editor spoke about how the calls for US intervention are being interpreted by US netizens, and Ivan Sigal our Executive Director gave his opinion on why Syrian coverage is being shaped the way it is around the world.

For some background about international coverage of the Syrian Crisis, check out our Special Coverage page.

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