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Lebanese Blogger Beirut Spring Tweets from Tripoli Bomb Explosion

About 40 people were killed and hundreds injured when two explosions occurred outside two mosques in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli today [August 23, 2013].

The blasts coincided with Friday prayers, which take place at noon. The first blast happened near Taqwa Mosque, and the second, minutes later, near Salam Mosque. Lebanese blogger Mustapha Hamoui was a few metres away from the second blast, in his own apartment, when it occurred. He reports on the unfolding mayhem.

First, there was the explosion:

Then, Hamoui checks on his family:

And then inspects damage in his apartment:

And then the realisation of “what if”:

Hamoui ventures outdoors to check out the scene. He shares this picture of absolute mayhem:

Writing about such incidents is one thing, living through them another thing, he explains.

Last week, a bomb explosion ripped through Dahiyeh, in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Hamoui tweets:

But Antoun Issa shares a photograph from Dahiyeh, a Shite stronghold, which shows solidarity with Tripoli:

Meanwhile, AFP's reporter Patrick Baz shares a video of the moment one of the blasts took place, from a security video inside one of the mosques:

And from afar, Ghassan Bendali shares this picture, showing the port of Tripoli, with the plumes of smoke from one of the explosions in the horizon:

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