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“They have Killed Eid in Iraq”

Ninety-one people (and counting) have been killed and 323 injured in a wave of 17 different bomb explosions across Iraq tonight.

The bombings took place in markets, restaurants and cafes, adding fuel to the on-going sectarian strife in Iraq. According to a report on the BBC, this month was the “deadliest Ramadan in years, with more than 670 people killed.” The New York Times, quotes the United Nations, providing another set of figures – “1,057 Iraqis were killed and 2,326 were wounded in attacks in July, the highest monthly casualty figures since 2008.”

Al Jazeera reporter Rawya Rageh is lost for words. She tweets:

Just an hour before this, she had tweeted:

Eid celebrations culminate the Muslim holy month of fasting, Ramadan, and is usually a time of joy and family gatherings. Not so for Iraqis, and many Arabs for that matter. London-based Iraqi researcher Hayder al-Khoei laments:

In a follow up tweet, he adds:

AFP's Iraq bureau chief Prashant Rao shares a photograph of the bureau's board, where the number of car bombs, and the number of those killed and those injured are tallied. He remarks:

He lists the places where the bombs exploded in Baghdad:

And elsewhere in Iraq:

The spate of bombings was met with outrage on social media. From Bahrain, blogger Ali Al Saeed expresses his disgust:

And from France, Ammoun is also shocked by people's indifference to what is happening in Iraq. After sharing links on the breaking news in Iraq, she challenges her followers on Twitter:

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