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Pro-Morsi Women Protesters Killed in Mansoura

At least three women were killed in Mansoura when a protest in support of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was attacked by “thugs” tonight. Dozens of people were also reportedly injured by shotgun and knife wounds.

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia exclaims:

And @egyrevolution12 adds [ar]:

The Ikhwan protests in Mansoura start after prayers and half of it is usually women. Complete families/ Attacking them cannot be excused.

Ibrahim Elgarhi is shocked at those who excuse the murder of women. He writes:

Let's sell our values and keep quiet over the murder of women. Let's go against our conscience and say what took them (the women) there (to the protest).

On June 30, Egyptians took to the streets to demand that president Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate, steps down. On July 3, Morsi's one-year reign was cut short and an interim government now runs Egypt. Morsi's supporters have since been staging protests calling for his return to power.

  • Shahin Huq

    The post-coup illegal government has committed serious violations of human rights. For example: 1. It incarcerated the democratically elected President Morsi; 2. It killed dozens of unarmed pro-democracy protesters; 3. It violated pro-democracy female protesters and killed some of them; 4. It closed down pro-Islamic television channels.

    Despite all these crimes, the western world seems to be quiet and is giving legitimacy to this illegal government. The west generally takes pride in three slogans: democracy, press freedom and women’s rights. The so-called interim government violated all these. But the so-called free-speech fighters and advocates of democracy and of women’s rights are silent about and complicit with these crimes. Their hatred to Islamic people has overwhelmed their commitment to democracy and to human/women’s rights.

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  • ةةةةةةة

    شكرا ع الخبر

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