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Ecuador Declares Three Days of National Mourning after Chávez's Passing

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa (@MashiRafael) [es], decreed three days of national mourning after the death of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez.

At the press conference that he gave from the Carondelet Palace, Correa said that “those who fight for life cannot declare themselves dead”. The Head of State said [es] that with Chávez's passing, Latin America has lost a great leader and he affirmed that those who fight for their country cannot be forgotten.

Teleamazonas [es] published on their YouTube channel (Canal Teleamazonas) [es] President Correa's declarations about the death of Chávez:

“As a tribute to his departure, to his life, Ecuador decrees three days of national mourning. From the place where you find yourself now, beloved Hugo, you have our promise to continue moving forward, towards that Great Country which our liberators dreamed about”, said President Rafael Correa.

Activist Mónica Chuji (@Monicachuji) [es], for her part, wrote on Twitter:

@Monicachuji: Como humana, política y defensora de DDHH, expreso mi sentida solidaridad a la familia del Presidente Chavez y a su pueblo.

@Monicachuji: As a human, politician and defender of human rights, I express the solidarity I feel for the family of President Chávez and his people.

And OM Velasco (@OM_Velasco) [es] shares photos from outside the Venezuelan embassy in Quito:

@OM_Velasco: En exteriores d Embajada Venezolana n Ecuador se concentran organizaciones sociales expresando solidaridad x #Chavez

@OM_Velasco: Outside the Venezuelan embassy in Ecuador social organizations are concentrating and expressing solidarity for #Chavez

Afuera de la Embajada venezolana en Ecuador. Foto compartida por @OM_Velasco en Twitter.

Outside the Venezuelan embassy in Ecuador. Photo shared by @OM_Velasco on Twitter.

El Ciudadano (The Citizen), the Ecuadorian government's digital newspaper, published a special section [es] with photos, videos and articles about President Chávez.

Small image of Hugo Chávez and Rafael Correa under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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