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Israel Introduces Separate Bus Lines for Jews and Arabs

Israel has introduced separate bus lines for Jews and Arabs, traveling from the West Bank to Israel, starting today [March 4, 2013]. Netizens react to the news, describing Israel as practicing segregation and apartheid.

According to +972, a blog-based web magazine:

A new Israeli bus line will serve only Palestinians. Officials claim it’s not segregation, but the ongoing experience of discrimination faced by Palestinian workers speaks for itself.

The post explains:

Early this morning, Palestinians from the West Bank with permits to work inside the state of Israel crammed onto bus lines specially created for “Palestinians only” — instead of using the same public buses used by Israelis. The Israeli Transportation Ministry launched the new bus lines today, for travel from the Eyal checkpoint to Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba and back to the checkpoint, after settlers complained about Palestinians using the same buses as Israelis on their way to and from work inside Israel.

On Twitter, Turkish blogger Esra Doğramacı comments:

@EsraD: All I can say is, you've got to be joking.

South African Bilal Randeree responds:

Hmm, why does this sound familiar? Hmm… Let me ask my parents, maybe they can help figure out…

Yemeni Noon Arabia chimes in:

@NoonArabia: Despicable!

Jordanian entrepreneur Fadi Ghandour calls the move:

@fadig: Apartheid

And Israeli journalist Joseph Dana finds the new move unbelievable:

@ibnezra: Hard to believe that we are reading this headline in 2013: Israel introduces ‘Palestinian only’ bus lines

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