The blog Globalizado [es], by Global Voices in Spanish editor Juan Arellano, collects different reactions following the announcement of the renewal of the concession agreement with Telefónica for an additional period of 18 years and 10 months. The government highlights [es] that “they have managed to triple the benefits of the negotiation” and Telefónica del Perú, through a release, notes that “ they finally agree upon what the Ministry of Transports and Communicationes demanded, in spite of unprecedented harsh conditions”.

But there are also dissenting voices. In the National Congress, some people are asking the Minister for an explantion [es] for this “embarrassing and illegal decision”. Associations such as CONACUP (Peru National Council of Association of Consumers and Users) declare [es] the renegotiation process hasn't been all the crystal clear if could have been. The blog de DN Consultores points out [es] several aspects they disagree with, such as: “The terms of the agreement exacerbate the concentration in the telecomnunications market”.

On Twitter, the hashtag #TelefonicaNuncaMas [Telefonica never again] collects opinions from Peruvian netizens.