Luis Enrique Ramos, who blogs at Citizen of La Paz [es], remembers his old classmate “el Hernán” [the Hernán], who “was one of those who doesn't attract attention, in fact, most of times, it was as he was invisible”. Ramos tells us how good was “el Hernán” at playing football and how good they both got along playing together.

Back in December, Ramos got across his old friend in La Paz:

I turned my head around and saw Hernán leaning against a wall. He had dirty and worn out clothes. His hair was just a mess for it was really dirty and his face was swollen and with spots that drew the map of some unknown country. [...] His eyes tried to recognize me and they did. His reaction was to lower his head. [...] I wonder what had he went through to end up like this, the greatest football player a shared a field with.