Activists of the civic initiative AMAN [mk] continue to fight for a better energy legislation [mg, fr, mk, es], despite pressure and infiltrations. In November, “unknown persons” prevented them from talking to PM Gruevski [mk] at an “open meeting with citizens.” Currently, there's an ongoing signature-gathering campaign for the change of the law (the deadline is January 31, 2013), and AMAN has posted this announcement [mk]:

Even though the necessary 10,000 signatures have been collected, the initiative continues. [The State Electoral Commission] still needs to solve some technical details about closing the procedure, so it would be in our favor if more citizens show support for this initiative through their signatures. This would mean a lot on the day when we submit the petition to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia; it would mean that all those citizens directly request their representatives to vote for the changes in the Law on Energy: for the return of a cheaper daytime tariff, [...] and for the abolition of the obligation for consumers who disconnected from central heating to pay any more remittances to the companies.