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It's Christmas in Bethlehem

It's Christmas in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, Palestine, the birth place of Jesus Christ. What better way than to celebrate this occasion than by sharing photographs and reactions of netizens to this event, celebrated by billions worldwide.

Israeli journalist Joseph Dana was in Bethlehem to see the lighting of the Christmas tree and shares this photograph:

The lighting of the Xmas tree in Bethlehem

The lighting of the Xmas tree in Bethlehem. Photograph shared by @ibnezra on Twitter

Lauren Bohn offers a closer image of the tree, from the same celebration:

Beautiful Christmas tree lighting in Bethlehem

Beautiful Christmas tree lighting in Bethlehem, comments @LaurenBohn on Twitter, as she shares this picture

And Maath Musleh shares pictures of the lit up streets of Bethlehem, in preparation for Christmas:

Bethlehem streets lighting up for Christmas

Bethlehem streets lighting up for Christmas, tweets @MaathMusleh, who shares this image on Twitter

Ahmed Aggour posts this photograph of the tree during the day:

The most beautiful #Christmas tree ever, and right where it belongs. Merry Christmas. #Bethlehem #Palestine, tweets @Psypherize

And Daniel Aqleh posts this video on YouTube of the ceremony to light the tree, which included a fireworks display:

Merry Christmas!

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