Budapest, Hungary: the protest against anti-Semitism. Photo by David Ferenczy, copyright © Demotix (27/11/2012).

On Nov. 27, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Parliament in Budapest (photos) to protest a Hungarian far-right MP's call “for Jews to be registered on lists as threats to national security.” Some of the protesters wore yellow Stars of David. The rally took place despite the removal of the Facebook event page for it by Facebook admins.

According to Millamedia [hu], the news site of ‘One Million for the Freedom of Press in Hungary’ [hu, en], the event page had been removed due to misunderstanding of the meaning of the event's profile picture: the Star of David with the word ‘Jude’ (German for ‘Jew') on it, which alluded to the Nazi WWII practice of forcing Europe’s Jews to wear yellow stars as “badges of shame” – and was used by the protesters not to offend, but in protest against anti-Semitism in Hungary.