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Zambian Phone Apps Gather Country's News in One Place

After an Android phone app that allows Zambians to participate in the on-going constitution writing process was developed this year, a couple of other apps, Zambia News Daily and The Zambian which collate news about the country from a number of online sources, have appeared on the market.

The summary of the Zambia News Daily on the Google Play website reads:

Dear Zambia News Reader! We know how important it is to be aware of the LATEST NEWS about the country. And we want you to be the first person to know these news. That's why our team has created this tool especially for you.

But that's not all. Just in case you are tourist who wants to find out more about the country of Zambia, or local who likes to see pictures of the country you will be able to view PHOTOS of Zambia just by using this application.

Screenshot of Zambia News Daily on a smartphone

A screenshot of Zambia News Daily on a smartphone showing one of the stories that appeared on the Global Voices website.

So why use multiple sources of information while you can access all the info you need with this app? If for some reason you don't like this app, then you can simply uninstall it.

If on the other hand you love the application – simply enjoy and have a good time with it!

This app has been developed by Rangerapps, which has also developed similar apps for a number of countries like Nigeria, Ghana and other countries.

The Zambian, also on Google Play, describes itself in the following words:

The Zambian covers the latest news from Zambia. With our mobile application you can now stay connected with Zambian news on the go. We aim to make our mobile application the only one you'll ever need on Zambia [...]

With these apps on their phone, netizens will no longer need to surf a number of news websites to get news about Zambia.

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