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Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv Hours Before Ceasefire

Hours before a truce was declared between Israel and Hamas, a bus exploded in central Tel Aviv around noon today, injuring some 17 people. Hamas took responsibility for the blast, which many said would put a dent on talks of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, who have been clashing for a week.

The blast is different from those Israelis were so used to in the late 90′s. There was no suicide bomber who got on a bus, but rather a medium sized explosive was placed next to the bus by someone, most likely in a passing car.

On Twitter, Gidi Kleiman says:

@Gidikleiman: #TelAvivBlast, reports of witnesses who saw a man leave bomb on the bus. According to emergency services all wounded taken to hospital.

Ahuvah Berger Burcat shares a photograph of the bombed bus, and notes:

@ahoova: a picture of the exploded bus … no graphic images RT @yoelisaak

  A photograph of the bombed bus shared on Twitter by <a href="" target="_blank">@yoelisaak</a>

A photograph of the bombed bus shared on Twitter by @yoelisaak

Debbie Randle tweets from the scene of the bus bomb, where there's evidence that a man climbed onto the bus and threw a bomb on board:

@DebsR: At scene of bus bomb in #TelAviv #israel Witnesses say man climbed on bus and threw bomb on board

Joseph Dana reinforces what Israeli TV and Police are saying:

: Let me state this again: The target of this Tel Aviv bus bombing was Israeli civilians. There is no doubt.

Paul Danahar, BBC Middle East Bureau Chief is in Gaza, and describes the response in Gaza:

@pdanahar: celebratory gunfire going off in Gaza after bus reports of bus attack in Tel Aviv

He continues:

@pdanahar: Mosque loud speakers in #Gaza described Tel Aviv bus bomb as a ‘victory from God’ #Israel

While Howard Kirsh jumps to conclusions about the difference between Gazans and Israelis:

@HKirsh1: Israel avoids the death of Gaza civilians; Gazans celebrate the death of Israeli civilians. And that is the difference in cultures.

Others try to add perspective. Ayelet writes:

האנשים שצועקים כל שניה “לשטח את עזה” הם גם אלו שהכי מתפלאים וכועסים כשהחמאס מחלק סוכריות אחרי פיגועים. הסתכלתם לאחרונה במראה?

@a_Daydreamer: The people (in Israel) who shout “flatten Gaza” every second are those that are the most angry when Hamas distributes candy after (successful) terror attacks. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

As more terrorists are suspected to be in Tel Aviv, Shira Abel tweets recommendations:

@shiraabel: Terrorist in TLV: look out for ppl in esp warm clothes on warm day. Look at ppls eyes. Avoid buses: 10, 25, 5, 66. Stay away from windows

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