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Arab League on Gaza: “Blah Blah… Blah Blah Blah”

The Arab League is meeting at its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss Gaza – and netizens aren't holding their breath or being optimistic about a strong reaction.

Egyptian Mona Eltahawy asks:

@monaeltahawy: 2 questions. 1. Is the Club of Dictators aka Arab League meeting finally on Gaza? 2. Is the IDF still tweeting like fascist frat boys?

While the United Nations Security Council called for and held an emergency meeting Wednesday night [Nov 14, 2012] to discuss the latest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, and consequent Hamas rocket attacks into Israel, the Arab League waited until today [Nov 17, 2012] to hold a meeting, drawing ridicule and anger from netizens around the Arab world.

UAE commentator Sultan AlQassemi doesn't mince his words – summing up the futility of Arab League communiques. He sarcastically tweets:

@SultanAlQassemi: Live update from Arab League meeting on Gaza aggression by Israel: We will not tolerate blah blah! We must stand with blah blah bah.

And he adds:

@SultanAlQassemi: Israel must be terrified – Arab League SecGen: We will reevaluate the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative

Israeli journalist Joseph Dana notes:

@ibnezra: Israel responds to emergency Arab league meeting in Cairo with no statement or acknowledgement whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Josh Shahryar jokes:

@JShahryar: Arab League had extremely tough words for Israel. Meeting adjourned until tougher words are invented.

Iraqi journalist Ahmed Habib quips:

@ahmedhabib: Scientists from around the world are baffled by the #superhuman ability of members of the #Arab League to take themselves seriously.

And Salem from Tunis reminds us:

@salemfromtunis: They have the wailing wall,we have the wailing league.

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