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Why is the Arab League in a Hurry to Meet over Gaza?

The United Nations Security Council called for and held an emergency meeting Wednesday night to discuss the latest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, and consequent Hamas rocket attacks into Israel. The Arab League, on the other hand, said it would meet on Saturday [Nov 17, 2012] to discuss the latest tension, drawing ridicule and anger from netizens around the Arab world – for it's [lack of] action.

On Twitter, Amr quips:

@3amrB: – They're killing people tonight! – Ok, let's talk about it in three days.

He adds:

@3amrB: When will the Arab world develop the advanced technology of conference calling?

Brazilian Carlos Latuff shares this cartoon on the latest Gaza-Israel conflict

Brazilian Carlos Latuff shares this cartoon on the latest Gaza-Israel conflict

And he continues:

: Imagine the FMs on the phone, none of them knows what buttons to press, everyone speaking at the same time, no one knows who's talking.

Egyptian Lilian Wagdy ponders [ar]:

وليه اجتماع الجامعة العربية يبقى يوم السبت؟ امال لو مكانش اجتماع طاريء كانوا هيعملوه امتى؟!

@lilianwagdy: Why is the Arab League's meeting being held on Saturday? And when would have they held it had it not been an emergency meeting?

Lebanese Octavia Nasr calls out the Arab League's failure:

@octavianasr: Attention Failed Arab League: An “emergency” meeting is what reasonable people hold right away NOT 3 days later!! #Israel #Gaza #Syria

Palestine Video adds:

@PalestineVideo: As [J]Arab League foreign ministers r busy, they'd like you to know they had to delay their meeting on Israeli attack on Gaza till Saturday

And he continues:

@PalestineVideo: [J]Arab League is reportedly getting ready to hold its emergency meeting, may start as soon as the fancy food and drinks to arrive

While Syrian Sakhr remarks:

@syrianews: Arab League to hold an *urgent* meeting. Tomorrow. Or maybe in a few days. (Seriously).

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