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Spanish Constitutional Court Upholds Same Sex Marriage

The Spanish Constitutional Court approved by a large majority [es] the law passed in 2005 by José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero‘s government (of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party -PSOE [es]) that guarantees equal rights to same sex marriages.

The reform included the following amendment:

“Man and woman are entitled to get married with full legal equality.”


“Whether the parties to get married are from the same sex or not, marriage will meet the same requierements and effects.”

The law was finally presented before the Constitutional Court: seven years ago, the Popular Party (PP [es]) had lodged an appeal against the law alleging that it seriously violates the Spanish Constitution by giving the same rights to homosexuals. The Spanish Socialist Party demanded the PP to apologize for dismissing homosexuals, however, apologies were never made. The current president, Mariano Rajoy, said that he preferred a law [es] that doesn't allow same sex marriage to “avoid troubles[...].” A claim that neither the Constitutional Court or the citizens agree with.

On the streets, the reactions burst. Thousands of people took the streets to celebrate that their marriage was constitutionally validated, and an important achievement for freedom especially for same sex couples who have been fighting for social, civil and legal equality.

Image by @GalaDiazCuriel via twitter

@GalaDiazCuriel“Lo siento Rajoy, yo me caso hoy” se escucha en la concentración en Sol tras el fallo del #TC#AmarEsConstitucional

@GalaDiazCuriel: “I'm sorry Rajoy, I'm getting married today” is heard in the gathering at Sol after the ruling #TC #AmarEsConstitucional

The reactions on Internet flared at once and in some minutes #amaresconstitucional (to love is constitutional) was one of the most recurrent hashtags.

@CarmenMonton#SeLlamaMatrimonio Gran día para recordar y celebrar. Por los derechos de todas las familias. #amaresconstitucional

@CarmenMonton#SeLlamaMatrimonio Such a great day to remember and celebrate. For the right of all families.

@BeatrizRuizQ: #Amaresconstitucional y por eso el Tribunal Constitucional ha sentenciado hoy que el matrimonio es igualitario #SellamaMatrimonio#igualdad

@BeatrizRuizQ: #Amaresconstitucional and that's why the Constitutional Court has sentenced today in favor of egalitarian marriage. #SellamaMatrimonio#igualdad

@FcoCondeViva el amor libre, siempre, aunque a ciertas personas les molesta, la unión entre dos seres humanos #SeLlamaMatrimonio#AmarEsConstitucional
@FcoCondeLong live free love, always, although there are some people who are bothered because of the union between two human beings. #SeLlamaMatrimonio#AmarEsConstitucional

@aitoro: Documento del Tribunal Constitucional que avala el #matrimonioIgualitario (egalitarian marrriage) #AmarEsConstitucional

@aitoro:  Constitutional Court's document that endorses the #matrimonioIgualitario #AmarEsConstitucional

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