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Latin American Youth Against Corruption

Technology for Transparency Network This post is part of the Technology for Transparency Network where we research technology that promotes accountability and transparency worldwide· All Posts

During November 5 and 6, 2012, over 100 young journalists, leaders, and experts in social media and information and communication technologies (ICTs) participated in the Third Global Voices Against Corruption Forum, organized by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (GYAC) in Brasilia, Brazil.

Global Voices contributor Andrea Arzaba reports about the Latin American youth session for Animal Político [es]:

Libertad de expresión, falta de unión regional y miedo a hablar de temas en materia de transparencia gubernamental fueron algunos de los temas más discutidos en la sesión juvenil Latinoamericana [...]

En el encuentro se tuvo una visión común en cuanto al poco uso de tecnología para el desarrollo ético de la región y, sobre todo, la falta de capacitación de jóvenes en materia de anticorrupción. También se habló del tema de educación, en donde se discutió la importancia para generar un cambio a través del trabajo con jóvenes, ya que ellos estarán próximamente en puestos importantes de trabajo, vulnerables a la corrupción.

Freedom of expression, lack of unity in the region and fear to talk about issues regarding government transparency were among the topics discussed at the Latin American youth session [...]

Participants in the meeting shared a common vision regarding the limited use of technology for the ethical development of the region and, above all, the lack of training for youth in anti-corruption issues. They also talked about education, where they discussed the importance of bringing about change by working with the youth, since they will soon be holding important positions, vulnerable to corruption.

Andrea also shares a video where she showcases some projects in favor of transparency and accountability led by Latin American youth. With Piero Locatelli, Andrea interviewed Margarita Valdés from Xpressate [es] (El Salvador), Caio Monteiro from Marília Transparente [pt] (Brazil), and Andrea Benavides from Ocasa [es] (Colombia):

You can follow GYAC on Facebook and Twitter (@GYACNetwork). Furthermore, you can read reports and reactions shared from the forum under the hashtag #GYACBrasilia.

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