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Libya: Is Khamis Gaddafi Really Really Dead?

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

Is Khamis Gaddafi dead? Really really dead that is. The question is still making the rounds exactly a year after the fall of his father Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi.

Journalist Mary Fitzgerald tweets:

@MaryFitzgeraldIT: After day of rumours #Libya national congress spox has told local TV channel Gaddafi's son Khamis was captured injured today & died later

And she adds:

: Given Gaddafi's son Khamis reported captured/dead several times over past 20 months, not surprising many are waiting to see evidence #Libya

The LibyanYouthMovement remarks:

@ShababLibya: We will wait for pictures and continue to update everyone on the story. We all thought Khamis was dead! #Libya

And Huda notes:

@hudduh: Khamis has died more times than Kenny. Waiting for the inevitable mobile phone footage to confirm his capture/death. #Libya

NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin tweets:

@acarvin: Show us Khamis Gaddafi. Prove it. Until you do, he'll remain Kayser Soze. #libya

Meanwhile, Iyad El-Baghdadi predicts:

@iyad_elbaghdadi: Some douchebag creates & circulates a photoshopped image of dead Khamis #Gaddafi in 3… 2… #Libya

And Libyan AletheiaLibya comments:

@AletheiaLibya: If #Gaddafi “lives forever in the heart of Libyans”, it's only fair that Moussa Ibrahim & Khamis should live forever in #Libya's prisons.

Moussa Ibrahim was Gaddafi's spokesman. News reports today say he was captured in Tarhouna, south of the capital Tripoli.

Journalist Jenan Moussa calls for reason:

@jenanmoussa: Guys guys stop spreading rumors. I confirm that no one in #Libya can confirm news right now about Khamis Gaddafi

Only time will tell if Khamis Gaddafi will meet his father's fate anytime soon.

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

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