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Colombia to Close ‘Week of Indignation’ with Nationwide Protests

Through various citizen media, Colombians are promoting protests for Friday, October 12, to close a ‘week of indignation‘ (“semana de la indignación” in Spanish) which began on October 4. The week of indignation was promoted by various organizations and social movements, like Marcha Patriotica [es], Congreso de los Pueblos [es], Coalition of Social Movements and Organizations of Colombia (COMOSOC) [es], and other organizations [es] that later joined the cause.

Among the many blogs who have promoted the demonstrations, the students of the University of Antioquia present [es] the reasons to participate in this march and other activities as part of the week of indignation. They point out, among other reasons:

El deterioro paulatino de la calidad de vida y la pérdida sistemática de derechos, garantías y libertades democráticas son las razones fundamentales para manifestar nuestro rechazo e indignación contra las políticas neoliberales y de globalización implementada por el imperialismo, las clases dominantes colombianas y el régimen de Juan Manuel Santos.


Indignación por el asesinato, desplazamiento, amenaza e intimidación de los dirigentes sindicales, sociales, indígenas y populares, además de la criminalización a quien opina diferente y no está de acuerdo con las políticas impuestas.

The gradual deterioration of quality of life and the systematic loss of rights, guarantees and democratic freedoms are fundamental reasons to show our rejection and indignation against neoliberal policies and globalization implemented by imperialism, the Colombian ruling classes and the regime of [President] Juan Manuel Santos.

Outrage for the killing, displacement, threat and intimidation of union, social, indigenous and popular leaders. Also the criminalization of people who think differently and don't agree with imposed policies.

Furthermore, some groups that are participating in the week of indignation demand to be included [es] in the peace talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government.

On YouTube, Zonapublica posts a video of the week of indignation in Cali:

Likewise, the blog El Salmon shares [es] a promotional video of the march scheduled for October 12:

On Twitter many announce their participation and share posters, like Bogotá Indignada (@BogotaIndignada) [es]:

@BogotaIndignada: Este 12 de Octubre Colombia entra en #PARONacional

@BogotaIndignada: This October 12 Colombia is holding a #PARONacional (National strike)

Afiche paro nacional

“For the second and final independence. October 12, national strike! Day for dignity.” Image shared by user @BogotaIndignada on Twitter

Yira Andrea Lopez (‏@YAndreaLopez) [es] adds:

@YAndreaLopez: No más censura. No más silencio, Tenemos muchos motivos por qué estar indignados, vamos a marchar éste 12 de octubre!

@YAndreaLopez: No more censorship. No more silence. We have many reasons to be outraged, we are going to march this October 12!

Afiche paro 12 de octubre

“Get ready” Image shared by user @YAndreaLopez on Twitter

On Facebook, several organizations have published the schedule of activities for the week in different regions [es]. They also promote the protests scheduled for October 12 and encourage a discussion with the question: Why are you outraged? [es].

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