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Venezuela: Pictures of Election Day

Today, social networks in Venezuela show a country at the fringe. Along with testimonies, information, rumors and recommendations, citizen media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr have shared photos that portray a massive participation to elect the next President of the Republic.

According to some comments, some voting centers opened their doors to the first assistants on Saturday at midnight, and they continue welcoming citizens from inside the country and abroad.

Maritza Salazar (@MaritzaSalazar) [es] shared this picture of voters waiting in queue since the night before:

Foto compartida por @maritzasalazar en Twitter

Photo shared by @maritzasalazar on Twitter

Fernando Rios (@FernandoRiosD) [es] shared a photo of Carlos Urbaneja, a 94-year-old citizen whose identity number is 5 and who went to exercise his right to vote:

Foto compartida por @FernandoRiosD en Twitter

Photo shared by @FernandoRiosD on Twitter

Under the hashtag #NoEsUnaColaEsUnCamino [es] (it is not a queue, it is a road) that makes reference to Henrique Capriles’ slogan “there's a road”; many Twitter users shared pictures of the voting centers, the long queues, cheering messages, and fingers painted in violet ink which confirms without doubt that someone voted.

Carlos Garcia (@carlosgarciareq) [es] and Mirian de Aristimuño (@MiriamJSdeA) [es] presented their fingers painted in violet under the hashtag #yavote [es] (I already voted):

Foto compartida por @MiriamJSdeA en Twitter

Photo shared by @MiriamJSdeA on Twitter

Foto compartida por @carlosgarciareq en Twitter

Photo by @carlosgarciareq on Twitter

Also, Martha Evelyn Batres (@Tita_Batres) [es] uploaded images that showed the large number of people that participated in the election:

Foto compartida por @Tita_Batres en Twitter

Photo shared by @Tita_Batres on Twitter

Furthremore, the blog The Devil's Excrement shared some pictures where we can see the long queues in Caracas and outside Venezuela:

Liceo Andrés Bello, foto compartida por el blog The Devil's Excrement

Andrés Bello School, photo shared on the blog The Devil's Excrement

Jessica Carrillo collaborated in this post.

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