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Venezuela: Chávez Holds Huge Closing Campaign Rally in Caracas

President Hugo Chávez held a final campaign event in Caracas on October 4. Despite the rain, his followers filled major avenues in central Caracas, waving flags and cheering as they showed their support before election day on October 7.

The English language version of El Universal reported:

[President Chávez] delivered a 32-minute speech in which he underscored the message he has delivered in his previous campaign events: that he is the candidate for the future and that “the life of Venezuela is at stake.”

Under the rain, Chávez said: “We have been bathed with the holly water of the St Francis’ downpour. We feel blessed by God with this rain. It is the prelude of what is going to happen on Sunday. Chávez is to win on October 7.”

Hugo Chavez closes his campaign in Caracas

Hugo Chavez closes his campaign in Caracas on October 4, 2012. Photo by Nelson González Leal, copyright Demotix.

Many who attended Chávez's closing rally shared videos of the event on YouTube, like Edwardo Flowers Aguilar:

In the following video, uploaded by user karinisab, we can hear supporters chanting “Chávez no se va” (“Chávez is not going”) as they wait for a train to attend the rally:

ColectivoRc captures the festive mood among Chávez's supporters:

User Daguerrotipo2009 shares a similar video by Esso Álvarez.

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