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Egypt: Is the New Muslim Brotherhood Logo Aggressive?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has a new logo. Netizens share their thoughts – as well as tips – to the group whose former member is Egypt's new president Mohammed Morsi.

Ramy Yaacoub tweets the discovery:

: The new, modernized Muslim Brotherhood (#MB) logo, you can find it on their newly refurbished official facebook page

He shares this picture (below right).

The new Muslim Brotherhood logo

The new Muslim Brotherhood logo. Shared on Twitter by @RamyYaacoub

Con O'donnell takes a stab:

: so progressive! A Quran above a cross, in a circle.

And Nevine Henien adds:

@BeeboHenien: Oh, what a pretty shade of green! Not at all threatening. I'm completely reassured & confident in their capabilities now. #MB

Reem Abdellatif complains:

@Reem_Abdellatif: The swords hv always been disturbing. Why do #MB use a symbol of aggression? And does this fit w/ ‘Freedom & Justice?’

Meanwhile, Mostafa Hussein has an alternative logo design for the Brotherhood:

@moftasa: I proposed this redesign for the MB logo but they didn't like it.

Suggestion for new Muslim Brotherhood logo

Suggestion for new Muslim Brotherhood logo proposed by @moftasa on Twitter

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