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Video: Mini-Documentaries Showcase Venezuelan Artists

Through their YouTube account, the creative team Mostro Contenidos [es] has released a documentary series called ‘Memorabilia‘ [es, en], where they present a collection of short interviews with Venezuelan personalities who have stood out -nationally and internationally- in film, entertainment, and the arts.

In their promotional video, the team describes how, despite their own doubts in undertaking a project without financing, they've managed to gather interviews with an interesting array of characters. In the videos, which have been shared by many in Venezuelan social networks, viewers can hear about the artists’ opinions, experiences and work. These interviews offer a glimpse into the history of contemporary Venezuela and how some of the identities that define it are shaped.

Here we share some ‘Memorabilia’ episodes.

The documentary series opened with an interview (subtitled into English) with film director Marcel Rasquin:

Painter Oswaldo Vigas, who is considered one of the most important contemporary Venezuelan artists, tells his story in this episode (which also includes English subtitles):

In the following video the team interviews film director Margot Benacerraf:

In another episode the team talks to Nelson Garrido, “artist, maker of images and poetic terrorist”:

More projects, more videos, and more interviews (some subtitled into English) are available on Mostro Contenidos’ YouTube channel.

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