Olivera Nakovska-Bikova. Promo photo, via On.net.

Macedonian social media users are calling [mk] for a state-sponsored celebration for Olivera Nakovska-Bikova, who won a gold medal in shooting at the Paralympic Games finals in London, after setting a world record during the qualifications.

So far, successful athletes in individual sports, especially female, such as the 2011 European karate champion Natasha Ilievska, haven't received a heroes’ welcome granted to the national team that came in 4th at the EuroBasket (defeating Greece along the way).

Many (1, 2) say it's shameful that none of the TV stations began their evening news with Nakovska-Bikova's achievement. While Macedonia has a very modest Olympic showing, its paralympians won [mk] gold (in 1992) and silver (2004) medals.