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Arab World: Scenes of Eid from Syria, Palestine and Bahrain

Eid Al Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim month of fasting – Ramadan, was commemorated with three days of celebrations across the Arab world, or so goes the tradition. Instead, celebrations were muted as Syria buried its dead and Bahrain laid to rest a 16-year-old teenager killed by police.


Syrian activist Razan Saffour reminds us:

@RazanSpeaks: For Muslims, today was the last day of Eid al-Fitr. In #Syria, over 500 people have been killed by Assad during the past 3 days of Eid.

Dona, who lived in Syria, tweets:

@donatelladr: #Syria tv links Eid wishes to army`s braveness in killing “terrorists”& features soldiers sending personal wishes to families #disgusting

The Syrian regimes, like the other Arab dictatorships, refer to protesters in government-owned and/or controlled media as “terrorists” and “thugs.”

And Abdulla Aldahham shares this video, posted on YouTube, which shows Syrian children enjoying themselves on a captured tank, converted into a swing, in Homs:


Worshippers praying the Eid prayers in Gaza

Worshippers praying the Eid prayers in Gaza. Photograph shared by Maher Zain on Twitter and retweeted more than 1,000 times

Meanwhile in Palestine, Twitter users reported hearing “explosions.”

Palo Rawan tweets:

@MyFreePal: explosion heard in west Gaza. israel is wishing us a happy Eid. #Gaza Eid Mubarak

And Rana Baker adds:

@RanaGaza: HUGE explosion rocks #Gaza on first day of Eid!

Meanwhile, Nour Odeh, who lives in Ramallah, takes the opportunity to remind her readers about the predicament of the Palestinians and prays for Syria [ar]:

لم يعد حكرا على الفلسطينيين ان يتذكروا شهدائهم واسراهم ويدعو ان يأتي العيد القادم بالحرية والعودة عيدنا يوم عودتنا #فلسطين_#سوريا_الله_معاهم
@nour_odeh: It is no longer exclusive for Palestinians to remember their martyrs and prisoners and to pray for freedom by the next Eid. Our Eid is the day of our return [to Palestine]. May God be with Syria


In Bahrain, Suhail Algosaibi tweets:

@SuhailAlgosaibi: A day of mixed emotions; Eid mubarak to all of us in #Bahrain, & condolences to us all on our latest death.

Hussam Al Haddad was killed by riot police on the eve of Eid. According to the Al Jazeera story linked to in this post, ‘Bahraini officials said the security forces were merely following procedures and called al-Haddad a “terrorist”.’

Al Haddad's death reminded Bahrainis of the murder of Ali Jawad Al Shaikh of Sitra, who was also killed last Eid.

The killing of teenagers for two successive Eids, as well as the arrest of children, has led to netizens rallying for their cause under the hash tag #eid_without_kids

Noor Rajab shares this video, from YouTube, showing security forces shooting tear gas into people's homes in Sitra:

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