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Egypt: Ahmed Shafik Denies UAE Appointment on Twitter

Former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik has resorted to Twitter to react to what he described as “rumours” about his appointment as an adviser to the President of the United Arab Emirates.

Many netizens tweeted and retweeted a news story announcing Shafik's appointment. Shafik, who was former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's last Prime Minister, served for the period from January 31, 2011, to March 3, 2011, at the height of the Egyptian revolution. He is also a former candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

On Twitter, Shafik fought back the rumours saying [ar]:

ليس صحيحا أبدا ما ذكرته إحدى الصحف أنني مستشار لدولة الإمارات. هذه إشاعة ليس لها أساس من الصحة, فأنا لن أعمل بالسياسة إلا داخل وطني مصر
@ahmedshafikeg: “What a newspaper published that I am an adviser to the United Arab Emirates is not true. This is a baseless rumour. I will not work in politics anywhere other than my country Egypt.”

His denial has so far been retweeted 1,360 times.

Screen shot of Ahmed Shafik's tweet, denying rumours that he has been appointed as an adviser to the President of the UAE

Screen shot of Ahmed Shafik's tweet, denying rumours that he has been appointed as an adviser to the President of the UAE

Egyptian journalist Reem Abdellatif received the original news of Shafik's appointment with disbelief:

@Reem_Adellatif: According to #Shorouk, former #Egyptian pres candidate Ahmed #Shafik has been appointed as adviser for UAE president. Is that even possible?

Mohamed Diyaa jokes:

@MohamedDiyaa: Ahmed Shafik is an adviser to suppress any upcoming protests in #UAE

And Cairo-based journalist Bel Trew says:

@Beltrew: Somehow reminds me of [former UK Prime Minister Tony] Blair as Middle East peace envoy MT @Omniaaldesoukie: Shorouk: Ahmed #shafik appointed as an adviser to UAE President

From Qatar, Esraa Al Meftah reacts sarcastically:

بس لا يعينون ريئس الوزراء السوري المنشق مستشار الامير عندنا بعد
@esra2qtr: I hope they don't appoint the Syrian Prime Minister who has defected as an adviser to the Amir [ruler] here

News yesterday circulated announcing the defection of Syrian former Prime Minister Riad Farid Hijab, prompting Al Meftah's comment that he may be seeking a job in the oil-rich state.

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