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Uganda: Remembering the 2010 Bomb Blasts

It's exactly two years since over 80 people died in bomb blasts at Kyaddondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian Village bar, Uganda. All these people had gone to watch the World Cup final taking place in South Africa. Being that it was the first time Africa was hosting this tournament, people were waiting eagerly for the final match which was between the Netherlands and Spain.

It was approaching 12am when the bombs took off, leaving over 70 people dead on the spot and others injured.

The Memorial stone at Kyaddondo Rugby Club

Mainstream media houses have paid tribute and respect to Ugandans who lost their souls in the senseless attacks. Other Ugandans all over the world have posted messages on Facebook and also on Twitter using the hashtag #WeRememberJuly11:

@beewol broke it all on twitter by saying:

@beewol: #WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11‬ ‪#WeRememberJuly11

He added:

@beewol: R.I.P Sports Lovers who perished this day 2 years ago #WeRememberJuly11

@pkahill remembered his friend:

@pkahill: #WeRememberJuly11‬ he had no battery so waiting for his friends at shop rite he left one friend in and the bomb went off 1/2

He added:

@pkahill: we pray for the souls of lost ones, for comfort to their loved ones&hope with time the wounds of loss will be healed 1/5

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