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Spain: Arts Also Blossom in the Global Spring

This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis.

From May 12 (12M) to May 15 (15M) [es], Spain has experienced a social movement in the streets to protest the control of the banks and demand a system that is more democratic, participatory, and fair. With the expansion of demonstrations and general discontent, the 15M movement achieved its goal of growing and remaining in the street.

Citizen collectives continue to act through popular assemblies, commissions, and work groups that allow for debate on topics that affect the people and carry out acts of cooperation. Many countries have been inspired by the “indignant” Spaniards, and protests continued to demonstrate their global character on October 15 of last year, with demonstrations in over 900 cities and 82 countries. On May 12, 2012, demonstrations were organized once again throughout all of Spain and on a global level.

The arts have also blossomed with the 15M. Blog Voces con Futura [es] (Voices with a Future) publishes a large portion of the anonymous posters that have filled the plazas during the protests. The author of the blog is a Spanish designer residing abroad that wants to maintain her anonymity and dedicates her attention to the creative talent that has risen as a result of the indignant movement.

To commemorate the 15M's first anniversary, the 12M–15M events, and to invite everyone to take to the streets again, the blog # Acampadasol [es] has published a series of amazing posters that reveal many of the reasons for the protests. Here we share some of the beautiful and creative posters:

"Another world is possible"

Ocupa toda la calle

"We remain in the squares"

Cartel anti-corrupción

"If you steal, do not govern"

Primavera Global

Parodia para anunciar el despertar de la ciudadanía

"We don't want reforms…We want a different system"

All images were published under the CC BY 3.0 License.

This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis.

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