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Pakistan: Public Reaction on PM's Contempt Verdict

The contempt case against Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has finally come to an end. The court's verdict gave the Prime Minister a symbolic punishment of 37 seconds, ending the three month long judicial process. Analysts say that the decision would not end the prevalent constitutional confusion, rather, only have increased it.

Furthermore, it has started a new public process in which people are divided either in support of the Prime Minister or against him. People came on the road in support of the democratic process in the country. On the other hand, some say that the supreme court has the right to elucidate the constitution.

Supporters of ruling Pakistan People Party shout in the protest. Image by Rajput Yasir. Copyright Demotix.

Supporters of ruling Pakistan People Party shout in the protest. Image by Rajput Yasir. Copyright Demotix.

Many people have commented that the Supreme court has not played a democratic role in pursuing justice.

Nazar M. Chohan comments:

CJ and his Supreme Court judges loves polarising the society beyond repair…keep it up!!!

Imran calls this a redundant activity. The Supreme Court had always played a role in belittling democracy and always supported dictatorship. He comments:

Not surprised…. SC is just keeping up to its reputation.
1. Okayed Ayub’s martial law
2. Okayed Zia’s martial law
3. Hanged a prime minister
4. Dismissed Benazir’s government twice
5. Approved Musharraf’s martial law
6. Allowed Musharraf to amend constitution
7. Allowed Musharraf to run for president while serving in army

Yesmeen Ali tweets:

@yasmeen_9: You know the law.Civil Contempt does not disqualify the PM.

Ahsan Riaz Chaudhary tweets:

@chahsanriaz: My lord #CJ is all set for “adhocism” in his zeal to send PM #Gilani home! #SupremeCourt #Pakistan

Some people call this decision a triumph of justice. People say that PM Gilani should resign from his premiership and implement the order of the higher judiciary.

@hamza101: Gilani is not just in contempt of court, but now has committed high disloyalty with #Pakistan..!#PPPFail

@alihzinsaf#Gilani has been convicted. A convict cannot be#PM. A #PM should have ethics and high moral ground and shd be a role model citizen of the state

@malikakissxkhan: #Gilani You integrity and self respect is 0. Your loyalty to Pakistan is 0. Your right to appeal is a joke. Im not laughing. Resign

The bias either in support of Prime Minister or against him  can be easily observed. The opposition parties, PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz) and PTI (Pakistan Tahreek Insaf) are asking the Prime Minster to resign as soon as possible.

“Will the PM resign” is a million dollar question. The aftermath of this verdict are still premature, but the ruling party wants to complete its constitutional tenure.

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