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Iran: Ahmadinejad's Car, A Woman, And a Hungry Old Man

An online video showing a young woman jumping onto the hood of the car of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while he was visiting Bandar-Abbass (a southern coastal city of Iran) on 10 April, 2012, is making a big splash.

The young woman speaks briefly to the president whose vehicle is surrounded by onlookers. Meanwhile, an old man also tries to approach Ahmadinejad. He cries out, “Ahmadinejad, I am hungry! Ahmadinejad, I am hungry!” Ahmadinejad keeps smiling and waving as he peers out from the sunroof of the car.

Curiously, while most western media have been talking about the girl, Iranian bloggers focused on the hungry old man.

Karansadr says [fa]:

This old man who shouts “I am hungry, I am retired” shows that all of Ahmadinejad's promises were false. We still remember when he said that Iran is the only country where there is no hunger.

Babak Dad writes [fa]:

One day, these people will ask us, “What were you doing when we used to struggle with hunger?” Do we have an answer? I have doubts.

  • Gershom Ndhlovu

    My concern is the safety of that girl who ended up getting into Ahmadinejad’s vehicle. Someone should find out where she is and what has happened to her, positive or most likely negative.

  • Solana Larsen

    I’m amazed how close everyone is able to get to him, that would never even be possible in so many other countries of the world.

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