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Syria: When Assad Falls

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12.

Like all Arabs protesting against their dictators, Syrians have many hopes and aspirations for life after the toppling of their dictator Bashar Al Assad. On Twitter, Syrians are sharing their dreams under the hash tag #WhenAssadFalls.

For Syrian Kareem Lailah, the dream is a personal one:

@KareemLailah: #WhenAssadFalls I'll be able to see my beloved mother again.

Zainab wants to see the smile on children's faces:

@_Zazo_: #whenassadfalls i want to take a toy for every child of the martyrs children! maybe it will make them smile for 1 minute only #syria

And the 47th wants to take revenge on men of religion, blamed for spreading sectarianism among Syrians:

@THE_47th: #WhenAssadFalls I'll be after religious figures.. No one is getting away

Meanwhile, Syrian Freedom takes a stab at Syria's censorship and monitoring of the Internet. He laments:

@SooriMadsoos: So #WhenAssadFalls who will control #Syria the Facebook activists, the LCC, the FSA, or the foreign opposition???

Abu Hatem cautions:

@abuhatem: #WhenAssadFalls huge major problems are going to arise in transition harder than Tunisia, Libya, Egypt combined.

And Mishael Shamsi reminds us [ar]:

سيكون بشّار ماضياً تلعنه كتب التاريخ ! ‎‬#WhenAssadFalls‪‏

@Mishael_Shamsi: Bashar will become a past, cursed in history books

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011/12.

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