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Puerto Rico: 365 Photographs

The photographer José Rodrigo Madera [es] shot one photograph a day during two years, as part of his project “365.” His photos were only visible to his friends on Facebook, until the magazine Revista Cruce [es] published 20 of them for everyone to enjoy. 

José Rodrigo Madera describes himself as:

…fotógrafo de profesión y nunca estudió Artes. Estudió Comunicaciones en la Universidad Interamericana y quiere enseñar fotografía. Cree en el matrimonio y se considera de izquierda. Dedica todo su trabajo al hombre de su vida, Emil Alejandro, y a la mujer de su vida, Penelope.

…a professional photographer who never studied Art. Studied Communications at the Universidad Interamericana, and wants to teach photography. Believes in marriage and considers himself a Leftist. Dedicates all of his work to the man of his life, Emil Alejandro, and the woman who is the love of his life, Penelope.

Here is a selection of some of his beautiful photographs.*

Pitcher: 1. Individual who, for one reason or another, does not follow through with an obligation or commitment proposed by himself. 2. Person who does not return calls.


Child in red pants.


Agostini prepares for a shot.

Ghost cloud.

Sorely laughs.



The mother of "azul."


*All photographs are republished with the permission of the photographer and Revista Cruce. The captions have been translated from the original (except some that were English).


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