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Spain: Police Violence Against Students in Valencia

This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis.

At the Luis Vives Institute of Secondary Education in Valencia (#IESLluisVives), students gathered to protest against the cuts that the Ministry is carrying out and, above all, because they have to bring blankets to the school due to lack of heating.  Many instances of tension occurred [es] at the Institute due to unjustified police attacks, instructed by the Government Delegate Paula Sánchez de León, which resulted in ten detained students.

Below we present a series of videos about the violent incident, which have been circulating on the social networks.  Digital media and social networks were, once again, an important platform for exchanges of information, reports, and debate.

@15MayoValencia#nofuisteniño si la policía te sacó de la inocencia a base de porra y pelotas de goma. Vergüenza #IESLluisVives…

@15MayoValencia#youdidnthaveachildhood if the police took your innocence with night sticks and rubber bullets.  Shame. #IESLluisVives…

(Nikone Le Fou) @NikoneCons: Policía golpeando a muchach@s de 12 a 16 años en Valencia ¡Difúndelo! #IESLluisVives

(Nikone Le Fou) @NikoneCons:  Police beating children 12 to 16 years of age in Valencia.  Spread it around! #IESLluisVives


(David Rodrigo) @deivid87vlcLa diputada @monicaoltra también ha sido golpeada cuando se presento en la comisaria a preguntar por los 6 detenidos #IESLluisvives

(David Rodrigo) @deivid87vlc: Deputy @monicaoltra was also hit when she came to the police station to ask about six detainees.  #IESLluisvives

(Miguel Ángel Medina) @locodelpelorojoMás de 5.000 personas piden en @actuable que el Sindic de Greuges investigue la carga policial en #IESLluisVives…

(Miguel Ángel Medina) @locodelpelorojo:  Over 5,000 people on @actuable ask that the Greuges Sindic [Ombudsman] investigate the police attacks in #IESLluisVives…

More photos can be found here.

Periodismo Humano is offering live coverage here.

This post is part of our special coverage Europe in Crisis.

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