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Greece: Thessaloniki declared the 2014 European Youth Capital

Thessaloniki: European Youth Capital. Source: TVXS.

Thessaloniki: European Youth Capital. Source: TVXS.

Yesterday, the 18/11/2011, was an extremely happy day for the city of Thessaloniki which was announced as the European Youth Capital 2014. The official announcement was made in the city of Braga, Portugal, by the president of the European Youth Forum, Peter Matjašič who stated:

“Thessaloniki built the strongest application, with a profound program that is packed with creative ideas”

One can read congratulatory messages and statements full of optimism and hope for a successful event on Twitter (#Thess2014) and Facebook. The majority see the success as an opportunity to showcase the beauty and dynamic of the city and to combat the moaning and pessimism in which Thessaloniki has been submerged due to the economic crisis.

Fotis commented on Twitter:

@citizenfotis: Μέσα στη γενικότερη μιζέρια και μια θετική είδηση για τη Θεσσαλονίκη που το αξίζει. Συγχαρητήρια!!! #thess2014

@citizenfotis [el]: In the general misery comes some positive news for Thessaloniki which deserves it. Congratulations!!! #thess2014

See here the official candidate city video of Thessaloniki and read more information about the event and the institution of the European Youth Capital on the official website, which has already been translated into 10 different languages.

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