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Arab World: Cheering on Tunisia's Elections

This post is part of our special coverage Tunisian Revolution 2011.

Tunisians are receiving positive vibes from netizens across the Arab world as they go to the polls today to elect a 218 member constituent assembly which will rewrite the country's constitution, appoint an interim president and a caretaker government.

The elections are historic in that they are described as the Arab world's first free elections in a people driven revolution wave which was sparked in Tunisia, leading the country's president for 23 years Zeine Al Abideen Ben Ali to flee Tunisia to the refuge of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The revolution has so far toppled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled for 32 years, and Libya's dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed three days ago, two months after his 42 year reign ended.

All eyes are on Tunisia today, as Tunisians reap a fruit from their revolution.

Dima Khatib exclaims:

: Tunisia is the democratic lab of the Arab World. We really count on you Tunisians ! #TnElec

Shadi Hamdi tweets:

@shadihamid: Today, #Tunisia is holding the first real elections of the Arab spring. #TnElec

Egyptian Bassem Sabry notes:

@Bassem_Sabry: Today is both #Libya's official declaration of Liberation, as well as #Tunisia & The Arab World's first free elections. Great day.

Libyan Guma El Gamaty adds:

@Guma_el_gamaty: 8 months since revol. Tunisians hold 1st democratic elections. After 8 months of rev. Libyans r free & will have 1st elections in 8 months!

And Palestinian Lina Al-Sharif laments their own elections which saw Hamas rise to power:

@livefromgaza: I just feel so happy for the #Tunisians! All the best from #Palestine.There was a time when we had an election, but the West didn't like it!

Jordanian Naseem Tarawnah feels pride:

@tarawnah: Today, #Tunisia makes me proud to be an Arab. Thank you.

And fellow Jordanian Nadine Toukan is all smiles:

@nadinetoukan: Bouazizi is smiling today :) #Tunisia #tnelec

Many also fear Islamic party Ennahda win the majority of seats.

Hoda Abdel-Hamid remarks:

: #Tunisia takes the lead again and goes to the poll. friend said half joking ” tomorrow we will know whether we r secular or islamist.”

Foreign Policy‘s Doha based editor Blake Hounshell comments:

@blakehounshell: Tunisia: Ennahda will probably do well today because it focused on jobs, while the liberal parties focused on … Ennahda. #tnelec

And Egyptian Mohammed Kamel brushes off such fears:

@MohHKamel: Don't forget that #Tunisia-ns are more secular than us, and they're way ahead of us when it comes to literacy rates & women's rights. #Egypt

Whatever the outcome of the day, Free Tunisian or Tounsiahourra sums up the sentiments of many on this historic day [ar]:

لم أبكي وحدي اليوم كانت جلسة ضحك ودموع وفخر بانتمائنا لتونس أكثرنا ينتخب لأول مرة كل التحية لشهدائنا وجرحى الثورة هم من حققوا حلمنا

@tounsiahourra: I have never cried alone. Today we sat and laughed and cried, proud of our belonging to Tunisia. Most of us are voting for the first time. Our prayers for our martyrs and those injured in the revolution. They are the ones who have made our dream possible.

This post is part of our special coverage Tunisian Revolution 2011.

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