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Jordan: Prince Hassan Joins Twitter!

Jordan's Prince Hassan joins Twitter, much to the delight of many Jordanian tweeps. He is the son of the late King Talal and Queen Zein al-Sharaf and brother of the late King Hussein and uncle of the present King Abdullah II.

The Jordanian royal, who was Crown Prince from 1965 to 1999, is the third member of the royal family to go on Twitter. The other high profile relatives are Queen Noor Al Hussein, King Hussein's widow, and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, King Abdullah's wife.

Prince Hassan was popular among Jordanian tweeps, who had taken to tweeting his appearances on television and whenever he speaks in public. Now he has taken the plunge and joins the Jordanian Twitterati.

Prince Hassan of Jordan

Prince Hassan of Jordan

akrumidrees tweets [ar] the reasons why he is happy Prince Hassan has joined Twitter:

لأنك ترى رجلا يستحق الإحترام يعي ما يقول ويواكب روح العصر ونهجه المعرفي تركة للأردن بأكمله
Because you see a man who deserves respect; he realises what he is talking about and is tune with the spirit of this era and knowledge. He is an asset to Jordan.

Ahead of his appearance on AmmanTT (Amman Tech Tuesdays) where the Prince was scheduled to give a session about “Continuity, Innovation and Change: Building a Knowledge Economy,” he created his Twitter account (@HRHPrinceHassan), which attracted hundreds of followers within hours.

The prince announced on his official Facebook page that he's entering the world of Twitter:

So after hearing and reading a lot about twitter, i was prevailed upon to open an account… please bear with me:!/HRHPrinceHassan @HRHPrinceHassan

Prince Hassan's official Twitter account

Prince Hassan's official Twitter account

When followed by Prince Hassan, YazAmro tweeted:

This is the greatest email I ever received: (HRH Prince El Hassan (@HRHPrinceHassan) is now following you on Twitter!) may God bless you YRH.

wara23inab was also happy, she tweeted:

Heartfelt welcome to your Highness @HRHPrinceHassan, so delighted to have the chance to interact with you in this virtual yet intimate space.

RHammouri said:

it is great to be able to read your thoughts here your highness, this gives a better meaning for twitter. thank you sir.

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