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Update on Global Voices Mentorship: Meet the Activists

For over a month, ten Global Voices bloggers have been working with activists from ten different countries as mentors of members of the new Blogger Swarm of Activista, the youth network of international development organization ActionAid. The mentorship focusses on blogging, networking and online capacity building.

A group photo of the Blogger Swarm

Members of the Activista Blogger Swarm (pictured here) are each working with a Global Voices mentor

In a previous post we introduced all the participants, and now we would like to invite you to find out more about the activists involved, via the Activista Youtube channel. Here's Kodili, from Uganda, sharing why she became an activist, her motivations and her expectations of the Blogger Swarm project:

Follow the Swarm!

The Blogger Swarm aims to put youth at the forefront of the discussion about food and climate justice, the issues on which the activists involved are focusing their individual work and research.

With the help of Global Voices mentors they are working on their blogging skills while getting more comfortable with using digital tools for collaborative work and online networking. Here is a list of some of their latest blog posts:

To stay updated subscribe to the Blogger Swarm blog or follow our mentors and mentees list on Twitter.

Thanks for supporting this initiative!

  • Patrick Kamotho

    This is amazing and highly commendable looking forward towards more updates,Keep up all.Thanks
    Patrick Kamotho
    Fahamu Pan African Fellow.

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  • Abby

    Global Voices seems like a great way to get involved. Putting youth at the forefront of the discussion makes it easier for things to come together, and for a difference to be made. Thanks!

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