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Iran: Protest Art to Save Lake Urmia

Protesters took to the streets again on Monday in Ardabil, in Iran's Azarbaijan's region, to demand that the Iranian government save Lake Urmia. Iranian bloggers reported about repression and arrests of several Azeri activists.

Authorities have recently pledged to dedicate about $95 million dollars to divert water from rivers to rehabilitate one of the world's largest saltwater lakes.

Goftar Sabz was a witness to what happened on Monday in Ardabil. The blogger writes [fa]:

Stay blue - protest art for Lake Urmia

'Stay blue' – protest art for Lake Urmia on Facebook

I was walking in Ardabil, at about 6 o'clock in evening and there was a heavy presence of security forces. Two protesters got arrested as they chanted slogans. I walked toward Shariati Square and I witnessed ten people getting arrested. I heard in other parts of town that more were arrested by security forces.

Sev-news blog writes [fa]:

There were several demonstrations in Ardabil, internet speed was close to zero and there was no possibility to communicate via mobile phones. People continue their protest and chant the slogans to defend the life of Lake Urmia.

Kolekhabar writes [fa] that a couple of days ago security forces arrested activists in their homes and confiscated their personal belongings.

Rah Azadi says [fa] Ardabil is like an occupied city and that security forces are omnipresent.

Urmia Lake supporters also created a Facebook page, which already has more than 4700 fans. On one of the Facebook group images (above) we read: “Remain blue.”

There are other artistic creations the Facebook page, this one (below) calling for, “Heaven help us, while humans fail and ignore.”

Lake Urmia protest art

Lake Urmia protest art

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