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Denmark: At Last, the Prime Minister Calls the Elections

Today the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has finally let the Danes out of suspense by calling the parliamentary elections: the big day is already in three weeks, on September 15.

The announcement was a relief to many. Already in the spring rumors started circulating that the election was just around the corner, and some of the Danish media even predicted that it would happen before the summer holidays (the Danish Parliament is officially on vacation from mid-June to the first Tuesday of October). This last week before the announcement of the election date has been characterized by impatience, and Danish netizens have expressed themselves through humorous online statements.

There Will Never Be Elections, Ever

The Tumblr page ‘therewillneverbeelectionsever!’ ( [da] was launched a couple of weeks ago and is now filled with examples of manipulated commercials, pictures and audio, claiming in a sarcastic tone that the elections will never come. One of the popular pieces is the edited version of the Prime Minister’s New Year's speech: “We must have the elections. This is written in the Constitution. But I guarantee you…that it will never happen,” the Prime Minister says in a solemn voice. The Tumblr page now has nearly 3,700 “likes” on Facebook.

by Christian Panton

A screenshot of the Election Button

Another popular gadget, the ‘Election Button’ ( [da], was created by a computer science student Christian Panton earlier this week. It is a simple page with a single button and a short text: “27,152 Danes have already pressed the election button. Now we’re just waiting for Lars Løkke Rasmussen.”

The current government took office in 2001 and was re-elected for its third term in the last elections in 2007.

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