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Uganda: Is It a Crime to Walk to Work?

This post is part of our special coverage Uganda: Walk to Work Protests.

Ugandans online wonder whether it is now a crime to walk to work. Two opposition leaders in Uganda, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao, have been charged with inciting violence and failure to comply with lawful orders. They were arrested as they walked to work in protest of high fuel/food prices.

#walk2work is a trending topic in Uganda's Twittersphere.


#Uganda police brutality continues @newvisionwire. #walk2work #Ugandawalks


so bcuz fuel prices are too high, people in kampala have chosen abandon their cars & #walk2work & the govt is ARRESTING them for it! #WTF?


Ugandan police detain opposition leaders #Uganda #Ugandavotes #walk2work #Ugandawalks


#besigye charged with insiting violence and not complying with police order #walk2work #ugandawalks


@DrSsebo So when he is released and decides to walk home will he be arrested again? or goin back on police transpot #walk2work #ugandawalks


DP President #Mao being taken to NakawaCourt. Dr Kizza #Besigye bailed out on Shs10m bond. #walk2work #Ugandawalks


arresting Kampalians who prefer walking to work, because fuel is too expensive? Whuuut?!! #walk2work


@josephpowell My take is that these govt chaps over hype & dramatize these events. They should have let these chaps walk #walk2work


#Walk2work sounds like a perfectly legitimate protest – the NRM's intolerance despite a huge election win looks paranoid and weak


@gaetanokagwa crazy stuff #walk2work, surely walking to work is healthy but also reduces traffic


So in #uganda if u hv no money and decide to #walk2work tomorrow I guess you will be looking at some jail time. U gotta love this #democracy

This post is part of our special coverage Uganda: Walk to Work Protests.

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