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Libya: Why was Gaddafi Late?

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

Libya's dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi is now speaking on State TV. In the wait leading up to his speech, tweeple tried to figure out why he was late in giving his anticipated speech in the following round up of tweets.

The same hashtag (several variations, in fact), was used when his son Seif Al Islam, addressed Libyans earlier.

@hatemation: Gaddafi is live on AJ

@wickedlypink: #Gaddafi on TV NOW #libya

@Aymansalhieh: #WhyGadafiIsLate he is fixing the tent

@FatmaTarek: #WhyGadafiIsLate trying to prepare a 20 sec speech that's gotta b hard!

@Lastoadri: #WhyGadafiIsLate Waiting for the woman standing behind him to dress up #Libya #Gadafi

@Aymansalhieh: #WhyGadafiIsLate Searching for a free toktok

@7usfahmy: #WhyGadafiIsLate rehearsing the speech!! LOOL!! #Ghaddafi

@Lastoadri: #WhyGadafiIsLate Broke his sunglasses #Libya #Gadafi

@Lastoadri: #WhyGadafiIsLate Waiting till it rains again #Libya #Gadafi

@leimolavida: #WhyGadafiIsLate he lost his umbrella

@HeyJacquiDey: #WhyisGaddafilate? Because he's trying to look human & is too busy wiping the blood of his victims off of his face. #Qaddafi #Libya #Feb17

@FritzKarlWatel: #WhyIsGaddafiLate bcz Venezuela is UTC-04:30 #libya #feb17 #qaddafi

@gazzel: Gadhafi To Make Speech to Night! -Hey Moammar Free advice- Don't be late. Twitter will hash tag you to death With #WhyIsGadafiLate

@InnocentDuchess: #WhyGaddafiIsLate Looking for a good position to his umbrella

@MoatazMekki: #whygaddafiislate maybe setting up the tent inside the studio ?!

@lampini1: #whygaddafiislate .. What 2 wear, what to wear…? #Libya

@PNSR: #WhyGaddafiIsLate His son is talking him out of his good speech.

@spentrainydays: why are the weirdest spellings of LIBYA and GADDAFI tweeting?”Libia and Kadhafi?”

@ayakhalil: ive never wanted to smash somebody's ugly head as i want to with #Gaddafi #Libya

@popgunning: its unfathomable to think how much Gaddafi has underestimated the Libyan people #libya

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

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