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Bahrain: One Person Killed During Pre-Dawn Police Raid

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.

UPDATE (4:27am Bahrain time): We've just received news that a second person was killed during the raid.

We've already reported here and here on the pre-dawn raid by Bahrain's police forces on the protesters who have been gathered at Pearl Roundabout in the capital city of Manama since February 14, 2011. Now the news has broken that one person was killed during the skirmish.

Here is the information gathered so far from Twitter:

@emile_hokayem: Just got report of one killed and over 200 injuries people at hospital

@chanadbh: BREAKING: Journalist @MazenMahdi confirms one dead and 200 injuries in #Bahrain. Police attack protesters at Lulu Roundabout #Feb14

@maryamalkhawaja: On my way to hospital now to see wounded

@emoodz: Ibrahim Sharif at #lulu CONFIRMS to the #bbc, they attacked without warnings #bahrain #feb14

@salehnass: Everyone in Lulu towers is looking out their balconies. I'm sure they're as freaked out as I was. #bahrain

@BaghdadBrian: we are hearing unconfirmed reports of at least one person killed in assault on #lulu circle in #Bahrain sources??

@maryamalkhawaja: News of death and many wounded, I will confirm wen I know for sure

@BaghdadBrian: I found my sister. Ppl come to the rescue of ur brothers @ martyr square. There r women n children. We heard shouts that the tents r burning

@ahmedalsairafi: I hear tons sirens everywhere #feb14 #bahrain

@hadeelalsh: #Bahrain protesters playing cat and mouse w police. Tear gas clouds pluming, sniper shots heard #feb14

@JustAmira: The troll speaks: RT @bahrainlove: @JustAmira @acarvin @hhusaini Not gunshots ppl just harmless sound shots fo… (cont)

@emoodz: Internet in #bahrain might go down, kill-switch rumors floating around.. please spread our message.. Families were attacked #lulu #feb14

@Sarahngb: Tweets reporting that the Army has moved in? Tanks and armored pick ups? #bahrain

@Sarahngb: You'd think it would be a little easier to believe seeing as we just went through it, but it is not :( I pray for all of you. #Bahrain

@moftasa: Dictators think that world attention will be divided and people won't care about what they r doing in Bahrain and Libya now.

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011.

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