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15 February 2011

Daily archive · 9 posts

Stories from 15 February 2011

Malaysia: Amending the law to censor internet?

Malaysia’s government is considering tightening its already strict laws on printing to include online publications as well. The announcement immediately drew huge criticism from the online community who believe that...

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Bahrain: A Second Day of Protests Continues (Video)

Continuing with Global Voices' coverage of the ongoing #Feb14 protests in Bahrain, Yacoub Slaise has compiled a number of videos covering today's developments.

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Gabon: Leaderless Opposition?

Gabon is entering its third week of political tension, as its two presidents - official and unofficial - both claim leadership. But as developments continue in this small West African...

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Bahrain: Day of Wrath Number Two

Bahrain's Day of Wrath protests enter their second day. Two protesters have been killed, reportedly at the hands of police using excessive force. Here are some reactions from Twitter.

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Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain's Tahrir Square

Following the burial of the first Bahraini protestor to be killed after clashes with riot police on Monday February 14, 2011, hundreds more protestors are gathered once more at Pearl...

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Egypt: The Guy Behind Omar Suleiman

Not even a revolution can stop the Egyptian sense of humour. Nowadays, the man seen standing behind Vice-President Omar Suleiman is as famous as Tahrir Square itself.

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Bangladesh: Widespread Protests Force Government To Back Down On Airport Project

A recent venture by the Bangladesh government to takeover 25000acres of wetlands (Arial Beel) 60km South of the capital city of Dhaka, for a proposed International airport and satellite city...

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Bahrain: A Second Man Killed as Police Attack First Victim's Funeral

Another young man Fadhel Al Matrook has been killed this morning as police attacked a funeral procession for another young man Ali Mushaima killed in yesterday's Day of Wrath protests...

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Macedonia: Violent Inter-Ethnic Incident on Skopje Fortress

Two large groups clashed around the old Skopje Fortress around noon on Sunday. The police failed to effectively separate an ethnic Macedonian and an ethnic Albanian mobs, which came to...

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