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Egypt: Did Mubarak Resign as Head of the Ruling NDP?

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

News just came that Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak has resigned his post as head of the ruling National Democratic Party. This comes on the 12th day of massive demonstrations across Egypt, calling for his resignation as President.


There seems to be conflicting reports now that Mubarak has in fact resigned from his post as president of the NDP.

Here are fresh reactions to the news, with making poking fun at the situation:

@hadeelalsh: State TV says that Hosni Mubarak REMAINS head of NDP #egypt #jan25

@draddee: So it seems that Mubarak resignation as head of NDP, let alone his membership of the NDP, is NOT confirmed. #jan25

@gr33ndata quips [Ar]:

عاجل: إنضمام حسني مبارك لجماعة الإخوان المحظورة
Breaking: Mubarak joins the banned Muslim Brotherhood group

@abeerallamFT: Dinosaurs of z ruling NDP r more or less the same since x president Nasser's 1960s Socialist Union. #egypt #jan25

@Elizrael: LOL RT @3arabawy: :D RT: @nmoawad: loool RT: @jamalghosn: Will Mubarak lead the opposition against the NDP? #jan25

@nmoawad: #Mubarak resigns from the committee to plan a surprise birthday party for Adel Imam. #Jan25

@UnitedArabs: Humpty Hosni Dumpty thinks he can still put the pieces together again? time to go while the going is good

Here are the first reactions on Twitter when the news was announced:

@AJEnglish: Egyptian TV reports that Hosni #Mubarak resigns as head of the ruling NDP party. Live coverage here: #Egypt #Jan25

@djevojcica87: What does Mubarak think he's doing now? Pulling out every trick in the book. #Egypt #Mubarak

@sammiqaid: Ezz&Adly under arrest, Mubarak, Gamal, Safwat ElSherif all resigned from the leadership of the NDP. And the beat goes on

@JawazSafar: Unconfirmed news about a Military base in a country close to egypt is preparing for Mubarak & his family [by @Almatrafi via @Essamz] #Jan25

@Gr33ndata tweets (Ar):

حاسس إني قاعد في عرض إستربتيز و الرقاصة عمالة تقلع هدومها حتة ورا حتة
I feel like I am in a striptease, and the dancer is taking off her clothes, one piece at a time.

@NadiaE: Now that #Mubarak is no longer head of the NDP, is his presidency legitimate according to the constitution? #jan25

@TheSufiWarrior: Call for #Hosni and #Gamal #Mubarak's assets to be frozen, the billions are stolen from the people. Don't let him get away. #Egypt #Jan25

@MahaRafiAtal: Does anyone have the wording of the Mubarak statement? The details–resigning ‘as head of ruling party’ are perplexing.

@yshehab: #mubarak resigns as head of #egypt ruling national democratic party. as relevant as giving up his club membership

This post is part of our special coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.

  • Reg825

    Egypt’s social unrest due in part (besides the obvious: an oppressive autocratic ruler) to the astronomical rise in wheat prices reminds me of Mexico’s own crisis with corn as a result of NAFTA. The common link between the two cases? Wall Street corporate greed:

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