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Video: Music videos under 99 USD

In an industry where expenses keep rising, making and promoting a music video can get tough. The 99 Dollar Music Video website gives bands and filmmakers a chance to shine with creative videos, shot in one day, edited in one day and costing no more than 99 US Dollars.

As they explain:

$99 Music Videos is an independent music network dedicated to merging low-fi, cutting-edge videos with the best of today's music scene. Every week, we feature a debut music video from independent bands who've teamed up with local filmmakers to making a new, original music videos.

While most of the videos come from continental USA, there have been submissions from other countries, and today we bring you one of those examples. From Brazil, musician qinhO and drgameiro rose up to the challenge, but he only spent 17 dollars on his “Mais de uma Janela” video:

In the following Skype interview, the musician and directors spoke with the channel, which is part of the Next New Networks.

You can also follow QuinhO on YouTube.

Videos are submitted by the artists or filmmakers, and if you have a video that fits their criteria, it can be added to the channel. Although the channel's production has slowed down lately, we hope they surprise us with a new season.

  • Hippy Hop

    Technology did revolutionize the music industry. From the mp3 of the late 90s and now on music videos. I am happy with the way it is going, music is now being shared across the globe. Upcoming artists can now share their music and have the chance to be a star without the use of those damn promoters.

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