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Colombia: Where to Find the Best Buñuelo

The buñuelo is a typical Colombian snack that can elicit hunger pangs with the mere mention of the word. That is what recently happened with a group of Colombian twitterers, who chose to discuss their favorite places to buy the buñuelo, as well as some of their favorite aspects of the typical snack.

Made from flour and cheese, then formed into balls, the buñuelo is typically fried and can be purchased by street vendors or other shops that sell to hungry customers. Although the buñuelo can vary among Latin American countries, the Colombian buñuelo is typically consumed during the holiday season, but is also eaten year-round.

Buñuelo by MundoNeko and used under a Creative Commons license.

Buñuelo by MundoNeko and used under a Creative Commons license.

Camilo García of the blog Hyperconectado [es] collected responses to the question posed to his fellow twitterers in the capital city of Bogotá. Where can one find the best buñuelo? He writes:

El buñuelo es rico. Punto. Tostadito y esponjadito, grande o chiquito, no importa… es simplemente rico. Por esta razón y gracias a la colaboración de Twitters colombianos se crea La Ruta del Buñuelo en Bogotá que busca ubicar y destacar los mejores buñuelos de la ciudad.

The buñuelo is delicious. Period. Crispy and spongy, large or small, it does not matter… it is simply delicious. For that reason and thanks to the collaboration of Colombian twitterers, the Route of the Buñuelo in Bogotá was created, which seeks to locate and highlight the best buñuelos in the city.

Many twitterers such as Catalina Alba, Victor Solano and Hector Linares responded to the call. They referred to specific points in the city where one can find the best buñuelo.

The online discussion regarding where to find the best version led into tips how to best eat a buñuelo and the sharing of anecdotes. José Carlos García R writes:

Como comer #buñuelo: Yo lo muerdo a la redonda, lo dejo como manzana mordida de caricatura y luego me como los polos.

How to eat a #buñuelo: I eat the round part, I leave it like an apple that has been bitten into, then I eat the ends.
Photo of frying buñuelos in Colombia by Cirofono and used under a Creative Commons license:

Photo of frying buñuelos in Colombia by Cirofono and used under a Creative Commons license:

He also remembers a curious story:

Recuerdo una noticia de una imagen de la virgen que apareció en un #buñuelo Orad antes de morder tu #buñuelo, hermanos. Josecarlos 2:12

I remember the news about the image of the Virgin Mary that appeared in a #bunuelo. Pray before biting into your #buñuelo, brothers and sisters. Josecarlos 2:12

All the talk about the buñuelo led some to rush out to buy the snack to munch on, but it also led to some messy consequences. In Bogotá, @Mkorsario wrote:

hay boronas de #buñuelo en el teclado……. todo por culpa de twitter

there are #buñuelo crumbs on the keyboard…. it is all Twitter's fault

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