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Togo Abolishes Death Penalty

Togo's National Assembly voted on Tuesday to end the death penalty for all crimes, making it the 15th member of the African Union to abolish capital punishment.

Although death sentences have been given for crimes as recently as 2003, Togo has not carried out an execution since 1978.

Ephrem L on writes:

Le Togo vient d'inscrire son nom dans le livre d'or des pays ayant aboli “la peine de mort” dans leur législation pénale. La solennité, l'enthousiasme et l'unanimité qui a entouré ce vote nous fait penser que les togolais peuvent ensemble faire de grandes choses pourvu que la volonté y est. Ce fut une victoire collective hier au parlement.

Togo has just inscribed its name in the gold book of countries by abolishing the “death penalty” from their penal code.  The solemnity, enthusiasm and unanimity that surrounded this vote makes us think that the Togolese people can do great things together, provided the will is there.  This was a collective victory yesterday in parliament.

Une question non moins importante aussi et qui est celle de l'IMPUNITE doit également faire l'objet d'une attention particulière. Elle doit être combattue sans concession pour le triomphe des droits de l'homme et des libertés individuelles et collectives. C'est à ce prix que la réconciliation sera possible.

A no less important question is that of IMPUNITY, to which close attention should also be paid.  It must be fought without compromise for the triumph of human rights and collective and individual liberties.  It's at that price that reconciliation will be possible.

A reader on writes:

Merci Animariio….Le TOGO…bravo…………………..bon et bien Monsieur OBAMA,
à vous !!!!

Thank you Animariio…TOGO…bravo……………….well now Mr. OBAMA, it's your turn !!!!
  • Lynn Sweeting

    very cool, now let The Bahamas do the same.

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