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On Valentine's: Teach Someone You Love to Blog (or Micro-Blog!)

Teach Someone You Love to Blog

Valentine's Day (February 14) is a day of love, friendship and communication. What better way to mark the occasion than to teach someone you love to blog or micro-blog?

If you are a Global Voices contributor or reader, you know that blogging brings joy, happiness and new friends to millions of people. Bloggers in our community have already pledged to teach their friends and loved ones, and will be writing about it in their own blogs on Valentines Day. You can sign it too…

We'd like to invite you to join us in this meme!

Think for a moment about the people in your life. Share this gift with you family, friends, readers and sweethearts – and tell us how it went!

Love is communication

Here are four simple steps to join us on Valentine's Day.

Step 1: You're never alone with a blog. Tell your readers why you love them, and why they should love you.

Step 2: Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!).

Step 3: Link to their first blog post, and encourage readers to visit them. Use this tag: #SMK [social media kisses]

Step 4: Tag your blogging friends to take part in this meme.

Here are some images to decorate your post: Small | Medium | Large

Global Voices Loves YouShare the love

We're serious about loving you. At Global Voices, we amplify the words of bloggers in all corners of the world. You only need to scroll through the pages of this site, to see that ordinary people are making a difference and adding perspective to world events, simply by writing what they think. Or by translating the thoughts of others.

In the developing world, we've helped fund several new blogging workshops and projects through Rising Voices. Soon we'll be announcing more, along with as an initiative to encourage more blogging about HIV/AIDS. On Global Voices Advocacy, we track and work with bloggers who defy censorship, and organize across borders with other online activists for freedom of speech.

We can all play a part helping people overcome barriers (technical or otherwise) that stop them from taking part in this everyday online media revolution. Help close the digital divide in your own friendship circle or community.

Guides to blogging and micro-blogging

Introduction to Citizen MediaIf you need help describing what blogging is, or why people should be interested, download the Introduction to Citizen Media from Rising Voices.

Once you've got their attention, why not take a look at the Global Voices Advocacy guide, Blog For a Cause. Is there an issue you can help with?

These videos, from Common Craft, can help you explain how it works.

How to Blog (link)

How to Twitter


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