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Total lunar eclipse inspires vloggers

Videos from different countries show the total lunar eclipse, just in case you missed it or wish to relive the moment.The only total lunar eclipse we'll see in 2008 and the last one until Dec 21st 2010 took place this past February 20th.

A lunar eclipse is an event that happens when the full moon passes through the Earth´s shadow, and a total lunar eclipse means that it passes through the darkest part of the shadow, known as the umbra. According to the NASA, the 3 hour and 26 minute eclipse was “visible from South America and most of North America (on Feb. 20) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (on Feb. 21).”

A tour in YouTube shows us many different takes on the eclipse:

From Belize, user bassimpact uploaded the following video with music by flutist Pablo Collado [es] :

From Argentina, user KrrAinagotable posted this video with subtitles, explaining the process and images from his window, as well as adding some footage taken from the TV in different areas of Argentina.

From Capetown in South Africa Finn Gregory has a time lapse video showing the eclipse as seen from there.

From Mexico, user holatabasco posted a video where street noise accompanies the pinprick image of a slowly disappearing moon.

And to roundup, user pookeo1 uploaded this last video with images from different places in the world including the US, Canada, Czech Republic, Brazil and Germany.

Lunar Eclipse South America by henriquetyds
Photo Lunar Eclipse South America taken by henriquetyds

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  • ThailandSocial

    I think its awesome to see all the different perspectives on this awesome event. The internet is truly amazing when it comes to sharing any type of information.

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